Lacoste increases conversion rates by 53%

Industry : Fashion

Location : Paris

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Increased Conversion Rate

The company

Founded in 1933, Lacoste is a premium casual wear clothing company with $2 billion sales in 2015 and present in 120 countries.


Shortly after the launch of its new mobile website, Lacoste noticed its mobile conversion rate well below that of its previous and desktop site.


One major discrepancy the digital team noticed was that while over half of website users saw a product page, this dropped to only one-third for mobile users.

The Challenge

Lacoste needed to analyze their mobile users’ journeys

to understand why they were viewing less product pages.


Lacoste used ContentSquare advanced UX analytics platform to identify customer journey struggle points, for instance:


Half of users navigated directly to a subcategory page instead of global category pages. The journey path analysis revealed that the former group was more likely than the latter to view a product page.


By highlighting subcategory pages on the menu, more users viewed product pages.


Optimizing product page journey paths resulted in a 53% overall lift in conversion rates.

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