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December 14, 2018
Why Work At ContentSquare: An Interview With Our Talent Acquisition Manager

We sat down with Ellen Binio, Contentsquare’s Talent Acquisition Manager, to find out how we ended up so lucky to have her and how she helps us build a first-rate team.   How did you come to work at Contentsquare? I was recruited to work at Contentsquare by a very good friend, who isn’t actually […]

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Experiences That Travel Well: Digital Journeys For Globetrotters

The travel and hospitality industry has been shifting into the digital sphere for years, and today, many physical trips start off as digital journeys. Social media has popularized destinations, price comparison sites have democratized access to travel, and the proliferation of online booking platforms has widened access to the world’s top vacation spots. In fact, […]

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5 Myths of Digital Luxury Shopping Debunked By Data

You might think that, because of its high price-tag, luxury only attracts digital window-shoppers looking for inspiration but with no actual intent to buy. You would be wrong. Behavioral data shows that, despite having lower conversion rates than their e-Commerce counterparts, luxury brands boast an active and loyal audience of product-focused consumers. In this post, […]

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Embracing Mindset Segmentation for a Better Digital Experience

With more and more brands embracing the idea that customer journeys are fundamentally emotional, I am often asked how analytics can be leveraged into experiences that address the needs of different consumer mindsets. It’s a great question. With such a huge market for online retail, how do you create seamless digital journeys that meet the […]

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Mother’s Day 2018 - Shoppers To Spend More On Their Moms This Year

Good news for mothers everywhere – respondents to our recent survey of digital shopping trends said they planned to spend more on their mothers this year than last. ContentSquare surveyed 800 consumers ahead of Mother’s Day 2018 to find out how much people were willing to spend on their moms, and where they would go […]

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Driving Online Conversions In The Automotive Industry

A business school professor of mine once referenced “buying a car from a dealership” as one of Americans’ top ten fears. And while the nation’s anxieties have evolved since my MBA years, shopping for a vehicle remains a significant pain for many consumers today. Pushy sales tactics, a lack of transparency, hidden costs and add-ons […]

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April 24, 2018
How The Amtrak App Got On Board The Good UX Train

In the UX Spotlight series, we post about UX features that impressed us online, and are great examples and inspiration for anyone looking to enhance their digital user experience. I recently moved to New York from the other side of the country. Knowing nothing and nobody in this city, everything is exciting and new. With […]

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Digital Luxury Shopping - Unique User Experiences for Unique Brands

When it comes to luxury shopping online, consumers appear to need less convincing than their e-commerce counterparts. Because while online conversion rates are 2 to 3 times lower than those for mainstream retail, Luxury visitors are more likely to convert on the first visit. Luxury brand sites also remain mobile-dominant, with more than 2/3 of […]

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5 reasons Future: Travel was better than your last conference

The second of our Future events, Future: Travel saw top ecommence professionals from brands like Flight Centre, Thomas Cook, Skyscanner, British Airways and Eurostar strap themselves in for a morning of high-impact presentations, tasty food and, of course, bad travel puns. Here are 5 reasons why Future: Travel was better than your last conference: 1. […]

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March 28, 2018
Users Blame Cart Abandonment on Price, Choices and Bad UX

Convincing shoppers to add to cart is just one of the daily challenges of digital marketing teams everywhere – the real concern is making sure digital journeys end in conversion. A ContentSquare survey of US consumers aged 18 to 65 found that 81% of shoppers had abandoned their cart at least once in their lifetime. […]

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