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December 14, 2018
Why Work At ContentSquare: An Interview With Our Talent Acquisition Manager

We sat down with Ellen Binio, Contentsquare’s Talent Acquisition Manager, to find out how we ended up so lucky to have her and how she helps us build a first-rate team.   How did you come to work at Contentsquare? I was recruited to work at Contentsquare by a very good friend, who isn’t actually […]

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September 6, 2017
4 UX KPIs You Should be Tracking (But Most Likely Aren't)

When marketers want to measure their website performance, they often rely on indicators like conversion rates, bounce rates, session duration, or number of page views. Just like a doctor conducting a routine check-up on his patient, the use of basic KPIs is an excellent way of monitoring your website’s “health” and a good way to […]

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August 31, 2017
Announcing the Rebel Conference for Ecommerce Leaders

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had enough of attending overpriced industry conferences that promise much in the way of valuable new insights but deliver precious little. So when it came to building our own conference we were determined to do something different. We want every single one of our guests to leave with […]

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August 22, 2017
There is Still Time to Catch the Back-to-School Shopper - Study Pinpoints Buying Habits of Late Shopper

The Back-to-school shopping season is one of the most diverse shopping seasons of the year with shopping beginning as early as June, and unofficially ending around Labor Day which has become symbolic as the unofficial “end of summer”. In our study, “Back-to-School Shoppers – A Digital Behavior Report”, we analyzed these shoppers and determined that people […]

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August 17, 2017
Driving UX Analytics in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is continuously pushing the boundaries when it comes to user experience in their vehicles. With cars that literally drive themselves, automatically locking and unlocking doors, along with remote engine start, our motorways could soon start to look like a scene from iRobot. Yet many automotive brands fall far behind when it comes […]

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Reassurance: A Key Factor for Conversion

“How can your site be a trusted environment for your customers? The goal is to ease any doubt when purchasing online by providing users with the answers before they even ask the question. Reassurance elements are the foundation of a successful user experience, especially when customized according to the audience and target countries.” Fanny Pourcenoux, […]

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10 Common UX Problems on Travel Sites

When gathering information and booking travel, brands leverage UX to impart a positive brand experience. With UX as the new brand, we compiled the most common UX problems for travel websites. 1. Cluttered layouts Some websites overload their user with too much information resulting in a heavy cognitive load. Sure, the landing page is prime […]

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Is the Future of Ecommerce in Predictive Analytics

For some time, big data has been on the mind of business executives because of its power to transform processes with machine-like efficiency. As businesses start relying more on data, it has trickled down to the SME as Instagram launched business tools and Google opened the Data Studio. The next logical progression is machine learning […]

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Stop Obsessing Over Conversion: 3 Reasons to Opt for Engagement

Yes, conversion is the core of e-commerce, the ultimate goal for anyone involved in digital teams. Sell, sell and sell. But as you may know, conversion rates still remain flat, especially on mobile. How can we change the story ? You may have already invested massively in acquisition campaigns, changed the colour of your CTAs, or […]

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4 CX Mistakes During Checkout International Retailers Should Avoid

Selling your products to customers around the world has never been so easy and e-commerce allows customers to buy your products at all hours of the day. However, with so much competition online, are you paying attention to the little details or applying a one-size-fits-all approach to international e-commerce? We outlined the four missteps that […]

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