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December 7, 2018
7 Visitor Behaviors We Spotted During Our Black Friday Postmortem Analysis

Last month our CX experts shared some digital best practices brands should follow to prep for a stellar holiday shopping season kickoff. Well, Black Friday weekend has come and gone, and the numbers are in. We spent this week digging up millions of visitor sessions from Black Friday and Cyber Monday* to better understand how […]

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3 Steps to Turn a Novice User into a Loyal Customer

The visitor now call all the shots in terms of consumption, and their message is clear: “Show me what you are selling and, more importantly, make me want to buy.” Consumers are no longer seeking the best price before making a purchase; they are first and foremost looking to engage with the brand. By focusing […]

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CES 2017: Takeaways from the Hottest Tech Event of the Year

What were the hottest new technologies at CES 2017? In order to share these amazing 2 days, here is a summary of the innovations that impressed me the most and trends of the moment. Let’s start with an anthology of the new technologies that have excited me: 3D holograms, fingerprint padlock, ironing cupboard, rolling keypad, […]

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Move Over Millennials, There's a New Kid in Town: Generation Z

Born between 1996 and 2010, some are calling the new wave of consumers the Last Generation, others the Homeland Generation, but we at ContentSquare call them something else: Born to shop. And we’ve created a new eBook to teach you step by step how to connect with them. This is the first generation of digital […]

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Luxury Websites: What You Really Need to Know About Your Visitors

Luxury brands are now officially players in the user experience era. The challenge of combining century-old reputations and insatiable appetites of new and demanding digital customers has become a core issue for these industries, where digital teams are trying hard to understand how customers browsing habits have changed. This research will help you understand these […]

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NRF 2017, the Three Musketeers of Technology

NRF 2017 has come and gone and it’s a good opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the extraordinary technological capabilities that will soon become a part of our everyday lives, the challenges that we face and what the future holds for technology within the retail industry. Upon entering the Jacob Javits Center in […]

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How to Boost User Purchasing on Mobile?

The dream of any e-merchant. Although users have been reluctant to purchase on their mobile so far, it would be seemingly different in the upcoming year. According to several surveys, “the mobile online checkout gets an express line,” especially in some parts of the world where desktop usability has dramatically decreased. In India, some retailers […]

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User Experience(UX): The 7 Innovations in E-commerce to Watch for in 2017

Although some e-merchants still hesitate about including user experience in the core of their digital strategies, many of them have massively invested in innovative approaches to attracting visitors and turning them into customers: browsing sessions similar to real-world shopping, immersive experiences, optimized checkout, etc. Fanny Pourcenoux, UI Manager at ContentSquare Paris, draws up a list […]

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User Experience: News of E-Commerce War

Out of 100 Web users who come on a website, an average of 99 will leave without purchasing or subscribing. Increasing online performance, building customer loyalty, making their content accessible and increasing sales are objectives of the e-merchants’ daily lives. Increases in conversion rates correlate with a better understanding of user experience (UX) and ergonomics. What […]

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Can an Ugly Website do the Job

It all depends on what you call ‘ugly’. Obviously, if you start using all rainbow colors, visitors may be reluctant to browsing it. But when it comes to measuring performance, the results are often where we do not expect them. Design is not what it looks like, but how it works Don’t necessary opt for the […]

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