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increase in conversion rate

The Company

T.O by Lipton is a startup within the Unilever group, built around an innovative model that others ‘direct to consumer’ products.

Customers purchase Lipton’s tea machines then order high-end tea capsules, available exclusively from T.O by Lipton’s web store.

The Challenge

Since the launch of their online store in 2015, T.O by Lipton wanted to monitor traffic

and boost conversion rates by addressing consumers in a personalized way.

The Method

Using ContentSquare’s solution to gather visitor data on T.O by Lipton’s website for just three weeks allowed Unilever’s teams to visualise and understand their visitors’ navigation behaviours: what do visitors look for first; in which order do they explore the pages; where are the customer frustrations and friction points that can be resolved?

ContentSquare’s Navigation Path module which illuminates and explains web visitor journeys with a simple visualisation alerted Unilever that visitors were browsing the T.O by Lipton website in ways the team hadn’t truly understood previously.

An extensive product page analysis, using ContentSquare’s Zoning Analysis module, also helped ensure the information customers most wanted to see was far easier to find.

By measuring how particular pieces of content perform against user experience KPIs such as hesitation time or click distribution, Lipton’s team could better understand which elements needed to be A/B tested, or reorganised within pages. This meant more focus and priority could be given to elements of the website that most impacted the customer’s decision to purchase.

The Outcome

The analysis enabled by ContentSquare means Unilever now feels empowered to optimise T.O by Lipton’s website for superlative customer experience using data-driven insight as opposed to opinion.

The result: a shortened purchasing funnel, powerfully optimised at every step, a reduced exit rate and a vastly improved conversion rate.

In only 7 days:

-10% on Bounce Rate
+50% on Conversion Rate
+75% of Returning Visitors
+100% Add to Cart rate

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