Discover the most disruptive solution in the market

Immediate Install & Launch

One single Javascript tag will capture all the data on your sites.

That means that you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Built for marketing teams

Every team member can access and understand clear data visualizations, removing dependency on data scientists and IT.

Retroactive Data

You can always go back and analyze a new area you hadn’t planned to explore because all data is available at all times.

Safe data storage

Our powerful cloud infrastructure is built to absorb fluctuating loads and host massive volumes of data.

GDPR compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is introducing a new era in data privacy and security, taking effect on May 25th, 2018. This new regulation gives citizens greater control of their personal data, and makes data protection a core requirement of all data processing activity.


We at ContentSquare strongly believe data privacy and security, and took all the actions needed to ensure we address new requirements introduced by the GDPR.


No more relying on your intuition

The ContentSquare methodology


We capture every customer interaction, screen touch and mouse movement without any tagging plan, and convert it into visual data that every team member can understand and act on.


You analyze the data to understand how and why customers are interacting with your digital platforms through navigation paths, zone analysis and behavioral measurements using big data and AI.


Your customers enjoy an optimized journey that is an accurately intuitive user experience that feels natural, increases conversion rates and impacts your company goals.