Spotlight|March 7, 2018

DataSnack: Only 30% of users visiting a travel site on their mobile device log in

So what exactly is stopping the remaining 70% of travel consumers from logging in during their visit? It could be that many users are unwilling to log in until they are ready to enter their credit card details. In fact, the login rate for converting visitors across devices is much higher, with 84% of buyers logging into their account.

It seems natural then that improving conversion on mobile should result in a higher number of logins. Many prospective travelers who browse for hotels and flights on mobile will switch to desktop when it comes to purchasing, which not only explains the low number of logins but supports the argument for a more intuitive, user-friendly mobile experience.

Simplifying the sign-up process and allowing members to unlock exclusive deals could also encourage more logins further up the funnel. A lengthy or off-putting password retrieval process on mobile could also be a factor – providing users with a simple password reset option won’t hurt!

Sarah Francoise

Sarah is on the marketing team at ContentSquare, and works in the New York office.

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