Beat the 3% Conversion Rate Barrier

Analyze and optimize user experiences to increase
conversions on mobile, web and apps

Understand why
visitors leave your

Use New Data to Know your Users

Classic analytics are not enough to understand how and why users do what they do. That is why we created new usage metrics and use behavioural data, AI and big data for you to make strong, data-driven optimization decisions.

ContentSquare was named by Gartner® as one of the four most innovative e-commerce technologies in the world.

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Mobile User Experience


Get insight from 80 major e-retailers on providing seamless user experiences on mobile devices.


and compare with competitors

See how you rank among similar sites when comparing your web optimization and experience capabilities

Empower your team

Test less by Analyzing Better

Know exactly where your problem areas are and

what to optimize to make navigation smooth and

successful. Run actions that are very focused

and significantly impact your ROI.

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