See what impact UX optimization can have on your bottom line.

Digital Experiences at

Europe’s n°1 train ticket retailer talks about how they use UX analytics to craft unique digital experiences.

Unilever Increases Conversion Rated by +100%

Watch how data can be transformed into opportunities when you see why some visitors are buying and others are not.

ContentSquare demo video

Take a tour inside ContentSquare’s platform and see our features in action.

The 5 essential Ecommerce Personas & how to lead them to Conversion [White Paper]

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Gazprom Energy: from intuition to data-driven decisions

World’s largest gas supplier Gazprom uses next-generation UX analytics to take data-fueled optimization decisions.

Kenzo exceeds conversion goals in only one week

Optimizations such as reinsurance elements or easy login, allowed Kenzo to drive their conversion rate more than significantly.

UX ROI Calculator

See what impact UX optimization can have on your bottom line.

L’Occitane increases sales on mobile by 15%

L’Occitane used ContentSquare to quickly understand how users behaved differently in each of its key markets, resulting in a major increase in sales on mobile.

The Fashion Industry [Infographic]

Tips & tricks to optimize user journeys on fashion websites.

Christmas season [Infographic]

We bring you the best tips to drive the most conversion for next Christmas.

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Provide a seamless UX on smartphone and drive your conversion rates with these great insights from more than 80 major e-retailers.

The Product Page [Infographic]

Does the product page still make a major contribution to transactions ?