Discover the key functionalities that enable you to continuously optimize your web performance

Identify ROI hotspots

Zone Analysis

Understand each zone’s role in conversion, attractiveness and hesitation, and optimize their performance.


  • Measure any page element
  • See impact, performance and usability
  • Analyze unique behavior KPIs

Identify the best (and worst) journeys

Site path navigation

Understand what is working or not -and why- in order to fix broken paths and create ideal ones.


  • Visualize the paths
  • Get a 360°of your site
  • See where visitors bounce and convert

See what visitors are loving


Use heatmaps to identify areas of interest and rearrange elements to maximize time-on-site.


  • See how much users are scrolling
  • Understand the time spent on areas
  • Visualize the movements and hot-zones

Let Artificial Intelligence guide you

A.I. Engine

Elevate your performance with personalized insights and data-driven advice from AI Bot Arti.


  • Get methodological advice
  • See impact prediction
  • Learn from a robust AI engine

Watch aggregate and unique replays

Session Replay

Quickly identify what is going on in-page and in-site and use that to reduce visitor frustrations and enhance their experience.


  • Validate your analysis conclusions
  • Visualize scrolls and mouse movements
  • Illustrate your data analysis

Segment and compare pages

Page comparator

Measure the effectiveness of pages against different audiences, segments and KPIs.


  • Define and monitor desired performances
  • Understand and compare context and intention
  • Conduct comparative analysis

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